Game Supper! Saturday, November 12

Saturday the 12th marks the 48th annual Game Supper, a proud tradition of food and community, all in support of your local emergecny responders. On the menu this year is venison roast, bear roast, moose meatballs, venison stew, venison sausage, chicken & biscuits, and much more, and of course many homemade pies! Service begins at 5pm at our station, 155 VT Route 133 in Pawlet.

We Fight Fires, and So Much More

We're called a fire department, but fighting fires is just the start of what we do for Pawlet. We are an all-hazard emergency response organization, responding to fires, gas and water emergencies, vehicle indicents, hazardous materials releases, and more. Whether it is a propane leak, a car crash, electrical wires down, a wildland fire, or a house fire, the PVFD is there providing professional, courteous assistance to our neighbors. We also develop and maintain emergency water supply infrastructure for our community. Our volunteers do all this without a cent of monetary compensation. Click here to learn more about who we are and what we do.

Ever Wanted to Be a Firefighter? What Are You Waiting For?! Join Us Today!

Joining our department offers a unique opportunity to help your neighbors, oftentimes in their hour of greatest need. It's also a chance to meet some good people, pick up some new skills, and to learn how to operate some very cool equiptment. If you live or work in Pawlet and are willing to dedicate some time to serving your community, we invite you to talk to us about joining our department today.

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Clean and Inspect Your Heating Appliances!

It’s that time of year again: the leaves are falling, the mornings are frosty, and wood stoves, pellets stoves, furnaces and other heating appliances are being run. There would be no facing winter without these devices, but they can be very dangerous. According to the State Fire Marshall, heating appliances are the #1 cause of residential fires in Vermont, accounting for nearly half of all house fires. A few simple steps can mitigate these dangers, and this begins with performaning an annual cleaning and inspection on all wood and fuel-buring appliances, and their vent systems. To find otu more, check out our Pawlet fire safety tips for lots of information about how you can keep your loved ones and property safe from fire.