Open House July 7th!

Swing by from noon to 4pm to get to know YOUR volunteer fire department and to learn a whole lot about fire safety. We'll have a special trailer to teach kids important lessons about fire safety, an extinguisher training tool to give adults a chance to learn hands-on how to extinguish fire with an extinguisher, and plenty of opportunity for kids and adults alike to get hands-on with our equiptment. Ever wanted to run a fire hose? Here's your chance. This event will be lots of fun for all ages and is totally free. Come on out and see what your fire department is up to!

Ever Wanted to Be a Firefighter? What Are You Waiting For?! Join Us Today!

Joining our department offers a unique opportunity to help your neighbors, often in their hour of greatest need. It's also a chance to meet some good people, pick up some new skills, and to learn how to operate some very cool equiptment. If you live or work in Pawlet and are willing to dedicate some time to serving your community, we invite you to talk to us about joining our department today.

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Make Sure Your Address Marker is Visible

Imagine calling the fire department, police, or rescue squad, and seeing them go right past your house beacuse they can't tell which driveway is yours. This is scary, but it happens. Help us out by making sure that your address can't be missed. Big, bold address markers can make all the difference when seconds count. Got a shared driveway, or a driveway that forks? Post signage so that emergency responders are guided from the main road all the way to your home.

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