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With our colleagues at the West Pawlet Volunteer Fire Department 15 minutes away from an emergency in the village of Pawlet, the Pawlet Volunteer Fire Department is critical to providing timely emergency response in our town. Having firefighters close at hand keeps everyone's home insurance rates lower, provides all of us with a meaningful sense of security, and has the potential to save property and even lives in the event of an emergency. We can't do all that without the help of the citizens of Pawlet.


The Pawlet Volunteer Fire Department is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, financed partially by taxes allocated by the town of Pawlet, partially by fundraising events that occur throughout the year, and partially through the generous donations of individuals and businesses in our region who recognize the importance of timely emergency response. If you wish to make a tax-deductable contribution to our department, we invite you to contact us. We thank you for your support!


Volunteers are the heart of our fire department, and new volunteers are ALWAYS needed! Joining the PVFD offers a unique opportunity to enhance the safety and security of your town, a chance to learn the skills of the fire service, and a chance to be more involved in your community.

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