Have you ever wondered about being a firefighter? Or maybe it’s never crossed your mind, but you are looking for a challenging, meaningful way to get more involved in the Pawlet community. We would love to tell you more. Come on down to the firehouse on Saturday, May 13th. Have a cup of coffee with us and let us tell you what we’re all about!

Who: you! Yes, you! We are looking for all ages (16+), we are looking for all genders, we are looking for all abilities. We are looking for YOU!

What: Vermont’s first-ever statewide fire service open house! Fire departments all over the state are hosting recruitment open houses, and Pawlet is one of them. Come by, say hello, and let us tell you what volunteering with us is about.

When: Saturday, May 13th, from 9am to 1pm.

Why: Pawlet has a thriving and active volunteer fire department, with 16 active members. That seems like plenty of members for a small community like ours, but because not everyone is around all the time, we still often find ourselves wanting for help. Plus, the more people we have involved, the lighter the workload is for everyone. That’s why we’re always actively recruiting!

Why would you want to join a fire department, though? Well, every volunteer has their own story, and their own motivations, but here’s a few reasons YOU might want to check us out:

  • We offer a real and meaningful service opportunity, protecting our community and providing essential, even life-saving services to area residents. We provide real help to our neighbors, often in their hour of greatest need.
  • Do you like being around good people? We do, too. After all, we are a group of people committed to helping people out– that is literally our whole program. The fire department offers a great way to meet excellent folks.
  • We offer ridiculously good training. We have three Vermont Fire Academy instructors amongst our ranks. We train almost every Tuesday, and offer over 30 training sessions every year. This means that if you want to go from zero to firefighter in a short span of time, our agency is a great place to do it. You can become a highly-skilled responder in our community, prepared for any scenario, or you can take those skills elsewhere as a stepping stone to a fire service career.
  • We have awesome toys. Er….equipment. Right, we have equipment, not toys. We just so happen to really enjoy using our equipment.

There are a million reasons why the fire service might interest you. So come down to our no-pressure, no-commitment open house and learn more!