In partnership with the Vermont Division of Fire Safety, the PVFD is proud to offer the Fire Safe 802 program in our community. Fire Safe 802 is a community risk reduction program. The goal is to make Pawlet safer from fire by getting information and detectors out into the community.

It’s easy and it’s free! Homeowners sign up by filling out the form below. The fire department will contact you to schedule a time for a team of firefighters to come visit your home. These firefighters will give you some useful fire safety information, conduct a quick survey to identify key risk factors in your home and tell you how to solve them, and install brand new smoke and carbon monoxide detectors if you need them. It takes about 30 minutes and is completely, 100% free.

Fire Safe 802 is offered to any homeowner in the Pawlet fire district. It is only for residential properties, not commercial, and you must own the home or be an authorized representative of the owner in order to give us permission to install detectors.

If you have a commercial property, give us a call at (802) 325-3222– we are happy to assist with improving fire protection and prevention for your business, too.

Fill out the form below to register for Fire Safe 802

The physical address of the house you would like us to visit. Remember, we offer this service in the Pawlet fire district ONLY.
Give us a number to reach you at, including area code.
If you prefer, enter an email address we can reach you at to schedule an appointment (optional).
This helps us determine the appropriate number of smoke alarms to install.
This helps us determine the appropriate number of carbon monoxide alarms to install. Count the basement if it is used (either finished or for storage, utilities, etc), and attic space if it is finished.
If you or another resident is severely hearing disabled, we can provide a device that shakes the bed when smoke or CO alarms sound.
If you have children in your home, we will bring information about fire escape planing for kids.