Q: Can I Burn My Brush Pile?

A:   A “Permit to Kindle Fire” is required from the Town Forest Fire Warden or Deputy Town Forest Fire Warden for burning untreated wood, brush, weeds, or grass, unless there is 200 feet of separation from the burn site and any flammable materials or there is snow on the site (Title 10 V.S.A. Chapter 83 § 2645). A permit is not needed for recreational fires in a firepit. Permits are free and help prevent both wildfires and needless emergency response. 
Please note that only natural, unpainted wood materials may be burnt. Burning trash or construction debris (plywood, PT materials, painted boards, etc) is illegal.

Q: How Do I Get A Burn Permit?

A: To obtain a permit, call Dale Decker, Forest Fire Warden, at (802) 325-3721, or David Hosley, Deputy Forest Fire Warden, at (802) 558-6450. 

Q: Do I Need Smoke Detectors in My Residence?

A: DEFINITELY! Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are required in every residence or rental property under Vermont state law. To learn about how we can help, check out our smoke detector program

Q: How Do I Get One of those 911 Address Marker Signs I See Around Town?

A: Those lovely green reflective signs are part of your volunteer fire department’s ongoing Community Risk Reduction initiatives, and we would be glad to make one for your home or business! Click here for all the details.

Q: Can I Set Off Fireworks?

A: No. Sale, use, and possession of fireworks is illegal under Vermont state law (Title 20 V.S.A. Chapter 177 § 3131). Exceptions are provided for sparklers and novelty-type items, and for organized fireworks displays. Such a display requires a permit from the fire chief. State law requires that the permit be requested in writing at least 15 days before the event. The permit is free. To request one, send a written request to us at 155 VT Route 133, Attn: Chief Jon Weiss, or email it to jon@pawletfire.org. 

Q: Can I Become a Firefighter? Are you looking for new members?

A: YES! Check out our page all about joining our department

Q: Will you fill my pool, pond, or cistern?

A: Yes. We fill small pools in the Pawlet fire district on a set fee schedule of $30 per 1,000 gallons of water. If your pool is over 10,000 gallons, we will fill it only if you have a suitable water source (pond, stream, etc) on your property. If not, we suggest you seek a commercial service.

To request a pool fill, leave a message at the station (325-3222). Please allow a few weeks to schedule the fill. If we have never filled your pool before, let us know. An officer will arrange a visit to estimate volume and ensure that we can access it safely. We do not fill pools outside of the Pawlet fire district, if you live outside of our district please contact your local fire department.

Q: I have a structure I want to demolish, can you burn it?

A: Maybe! Donating a structure slated for demolition to the fire department can be a great way to provide us with valuable training, and also save the property owner on dump fees. But not every structure can be burned, and strict procedures such as asbestos testing and removal of synthetic materials must be followed to comply with state and federal law. Give us a call for all the details.