The PVFD relies on the support of our community. We are neighbors helping neighbors. How can you support this important work? There are two great ways:


Our department relies on the generous donations of individuals and businesses in our region who recognize the importance of timely emergency response. Click here to learn all about why we need your support, where this money goes, and how you can support us financially.


Volunteers are the heart of our fire department, and new volunteers are ALWAYS needed! Joining the PVFD offers a unique opportunity to enhance the safety and security of your town, a chance to learn the skills of the fire service, and a chance to be more involved in your community.

Why Volunteer? Volunteer Firefighters:

  • Make their community safer.
  • Get involved in something challenging and exciting.
  • Learn valuable skills that can help you on the job and in everyday life.
  • Help their neighbors, sometimes in their hour of greatest need.
  • Meet some great people.
  • Keep our homes affordable by keeping insurance and tax rates down.

Want to know more? Click here to learn all about the volunteer experience at our fire department.