Did you know that we can help in many non-emergency situations, too? The PVFD makes our specialized equipment and skills available to assist homeowners and businesses in our fire district with a variety of situations. These include:

Home fire safety evaluation. Want firefighters to give you fire safety tips specifically for your home? We can even install free smoke and CO detectors! Check out all the details.

Non-emergency dewatering. Need a basement pumped out after a flood or rain event? The fire department can assist. If the water is threatening the utility equipment and needs to be removed immediately, this is an emergency, please call 911.

Pool fills. Need water for a swimming pool in the Pawlet fire district? We can help with that. We fill pools on a set fee schedule based on size, which makes this an important fundraiser for us in the summertime. Call us for more details.  

Prescribed burns. Got a wildland area on your property that needs to be burned off to control vegetation? Give us a call. We will evaluate the area to see if it is a candidate for a training burn.

Building demolition. Got a house that is slated for demolition? Did you know that you might be able to donate it to the fire department? Acquired structures provide us with valuable training opportunities. In exchange, homeowners may claim the value of the building as a tax-deductible donation, and can save some disposal fees as well.  Donating a building can be a complex process and not every building is eligible. For details, give us a call.  

Fire safety education. Do you have a group of adults or children who would benefit from knowing more about fire prevention and safety? Need extinguisher training to keep your employees safe, and to comply with VOSHA regulations? Need help formulating a VOSHA-compliant emergency escape plan for your business? Give us a call. We are happy to provide fire safety education in our community.

Fire hydrant installation. Got a pond? Let’s install a fire hydrant! We develop and maintain Pawlet’s emergency water supply infrastructure, a system of dry hydrants located strategically throughout the town. In the event of a fire, these non-pressured pipe systems allow firefighters to quickly draw water from a static source, like a pond or river. It can improve safety for you and your neighbors, and can lower insurance rates in some cases. We work with landowners to develop this infrastructure, and will also work to secure grant funding for the installation. In many cases these systems can be installed at little or no cost to the property owner.  

Need a place to host an event? The firehouse is available for rental April through October for a small fee. We also allow community meetings to occur at our facility year round, at no charge. We also rent folding chairs.