The PVFD has launched a program to furnish high-quality, high-visibility 911 address markers to all interested Pawlet residents and businesses. These 6×18″ reflective aluminum signs are placed by the roadside where they are highly visible to approaching emergency vehicles, helping us to find your home or place of business when seconds count.

Finding addresses in our community is an age-old headache for first responders. When we are dispatched to an emergency, all we have to go by to find your house is the street address. In a community where homes are widely spaced and often set back from the road, this can be a major challenge, especially at night and in poor weather, and it can slow response times significantly. This problem is compounded for responders from Granville Rescue or the Vermont State Police, who may not be as intimately familiar with the community as the local firefighters.

The 911 address markers are an ideal solution. Designed specifically to be as legible as possible from a moving emergency vehicle, they clearly identify your house. They are a great service to your neighbors, too: the more addresses we can read from the truck, the more confidently we can locate addresses that are less conspicuously marked. They are also durable and cost-effective.

Best of all, firefighters will install the marker for free, and we sell them at cost: a mere $20 each. To order one, please complete the form below, and then mail $20 to the firehouse, 155 VT Route 133. Please make checks payable to the Pawlet Volunteer Fire Department, and be sure to enclose a note so we know this is for an address marker. Feeling generous? Your tax-deductible donations fund our fire department– and helpful programs, like this one!

The physical address of the house you would like us to visit. Remember, we offer this service in the Pawlet fire district ONLY.
Give us a number to reach you at, including area code.
If you prefer, enter an email address we can reach you at to schedule an appointment (optional).
If you are unsure of your house number, give us your best guess and let us know– we will verify it before we make the marker sign.

Please note: address marker requests received after the ground is frozen will be installed in the spring, when we can drive posts again.