To report an emergency or any other time-sensitive hazardous situation, dial 911 from any telephone.

General Information for Pawlet Residents

Burn Permits

A permit is required to burn brush under Vermont state law (Title 10 V.S.A. Chapter 83 § 2645). A permit is not needed for recreational fires in a firepit, or to burn brush when there is snow cover. To obtain a permit, call Dale Decker, Pawlet’s Forest Fire Warden, at (802) 325-3721, or David Hosely, Assistant Forest Fire Warden, at (802) 558-6450. Permits are free and help prevent both wildfires and needless emergency response.

Fire Safety and Risk Reduction

Three Easy Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Your Home Safer

1) Check your smoke detector and change the battery. Smoke detectors cut your risk of dying in a fire in half. Got ’em? Great! Take a minute to make sure it’s working. Check the batteries by pusing the “test” button (it should go off!), and check the date on the back: detectors older than 10 years have exceeded their service life and must be replaced. If a detector is causing nusance alarms, try finding a better place for it instead of disabling it.

2) Have a fire drill. If you have children in your household, prepare them for a fire the same way they do it at school: by having regular fire drills. Choose a meeting place a safe distance from the home to go to when the alarm sounds. Then press the “test” button on the detector and give it a try. Having a meeting place allows parents to account for their children, who might otherwise scatter or hide in fear. Drills like this have been creditied with saving young lives right here in our community. Remember: once you exit a burning house, you do not go back in under any circumstances. Get out, stay out!

3) Make sure we can find your house. When you call 911, your street address is how you tell the help you’re calling for where to go. Make sure all family members know their address, and post it in big, bold numbers plainly visible from the road. The next time you pull up, put yourself in a firefighter’s boots: knowing only the number, could you find your house from a moving fire truck? If you don’t know you address, contact the Town Office. Each residence in Pawlet is assigned a street address, even if you do not get mail at your home.

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Need a Smoke or CO Detector? Got a Fire Safety Question in Your Home?

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Non-Emergency Services

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